About the Author

A.G.R, is a new and exciting writer who was born in Yorkshire in the 1960’s.  He may have started life in humble council estate beginnings but there is definitely no hard luck story.


He is the youngest of a family of six from hard working and loving parents but like any large family on minimum wages, money was tight and more often than not the bills went unpaid in favour of food and clothing, the favourite being the electricity.  He was a frail asthmatic child who spent the first seven years of his life as a regular visitor to the local children’s hospital until finally the Doctors told his father that there wasn’t much left they could do for him and it was improbable that he would be alive after the age of twelve.  His father’s reaction to this was to throw away the inhaler he used for his Asthma and start him on a training regime involving running and press-up’s that Andrew, still keeps up to today.

Dyslexia, and the inability to read and write were a huge embarrassment and crutch for him as a child and teenager, the situation worsened by the amount of schooling he had missed while spending a lot of his younger years in hospital but for every downside there is an up, and the up in Andrew’s case was the enhancement of his memory, basically he couldn’t read it, so he remembered it.  After failing all his school examinations and one of his friends stealing a motor vehicle his father took him to the recruiting office and joined him into the Army where he scored 98% in the entrance exam.  How, simple.  The answers were multiple choice and after his father had explained the situation relating to his son’s problem the entrance examiner read out the questions.


Fifteen years later he overcame his reading and writing disabilities to fulfil a lifelong dream of becoming a published author.  It took him 18 years to complete his trilogy and it was only achievable with the kind help of friends and the technology of Microsoft Word.  Now, an ex-soldier, bodyguard, debt collector and mediator he has compiled and amalgamated the true happenings in his busy life when working around the world and at home to bring you a close to the bone story that will truly open your eyes and leave you wondering how true it really is and itching for the release of book two.


Paedophiles, rapists and anyone who hurts animals.

Light sentencing for anyone that commits any of the for-mentioned, and why do we protect the rights of these offenders who ruin lives, and not that of the victims whose lives are ruined.

Racism, there is no place in today’s world for it, nor should there ever have been but today’s youth should not be held responsible for the wrong doings of their ancestors.

Beggars and spongers.  I have to say that in every country I ever visited or worked I attempted to learn their language and respect their laws and ways.  I have never been given a penny from any government of those countries nor did I expect it, but I did pay tax in several.  I wish visitors to Great Britain would do the same.  I wonder how well it would go down if I was to turn up in any eastern European country and asked to be housed for nothing and to have money paid into my bank each week.  Plus claim for the other kids that I claim to have left back in England.  (Wish me luck)

Also, people with scruffy gardens and house exteriors.  If you want to live in squalor then keep it to yourself and do it indoors.  Do not expose the rest of the street to your un-kept ways.  And the scuffers who spend all their family allowance money on alcohol and drugs then send their kids to school hungry and dishevelled.  Shame on you.


Talking and listening to the older generation that have lived a bit of life and have a story to tell, god bless em.  Any food, especially if it contains garlic, white wine, cream and black pepper.  Sunday roast beef and Yorkshire puddings and a curry after a pint.  Nice, clean and friendly people whatever their colour creed, religion or sexuality, just please don’t impress your personal beliefs on me.  I am particularly offended by people who on a nice Sunday morning walk down your garden path, knock on your door and tell you how you should be praising their God.  I myself am Roman Catholic but hold no compelling urge to invade your home and space in an attempt of conversion.  My father was a protestant but he had no beliefs which is why he allowed our Mother to raise my brothers, sisters and I in her faith as Catholics.  To him it meant nothing.  Religion didn’t put food on the table, pay the rent or buy him a pint so why should he get involved but he raised all his children to be respectful and nice to their fellow man.  In his own way he was a pretty smart fella our old man.  At heart I am much the same as he and proud to be so.  I am a bitter drinking, horse racing, food and life loving impartial let bygones be bygones type of person, but if you cross me then I would give you about as much thought and consideration as you have obviously given me and deal with you with as much impartiality.



Is a great love in my life especially Northern Soul.  I am a bit of a left over relic of the Mod and scooter age.  A Quadrophenian who cannot, and doesn’t want to let go of those exciting and life changing times whist growing up as member of the well- known and respected ‘Tyke’ Scooter Club.  The Jam, the Who, Curtis Mayfield, Al Wilson, Dobie Gray, Dean Parish, Jimmy Radcliffe.  Just typing those names fills me with a thrill and has my foot tapping.  “I’m on my way” and “long after the night is all over” are both legendary and iconic songs that weren’t just tunes but became events in our lives.  A type of grid reference as to what year and where we were when we tried to do our first Soul spin.  I also like any song which is thought provoking and well written lyrically, especially if it has a good back beat.  Folk music is also a big love, especially Irish.  Finbar Fury, Davy Arthur.  Piano and classical music are also a part of my life when on a chill with a glass of wine. Particularly Clare De Lune by Claude Debussy.



Boxing, rugby and horse racing.  Favourite boxers, Evander Holyfield, Tyson Fury, Barry McGuigan, Rocky Marciano, Roberto Durran and Paddy Doherty from Bradford. Favourite rugby team, Bradford Bull’s.  Favourite horse racing meeting, The Cheltenham Festival.


Ronnie Barker, porridge.  Laurel and Hardy, Way out west.  Freddy Star, stand up.  Peter Kay, Phoenix Nights and the rest of his stand up’s.  And the stand-up king, Billy Connolly.



The quiet Man, John Wayne.  Hard Times, Charles Bronson.  Hobson’s choice, Charles Laughton, John Mill’s.  The Good the bad and the ugly, Eli Wallach and Clint Eastwood.  It’s a wonderful life and of course Quadrophenia.



Rudyard Kipling, If.  W.H Auden, Funeral Blues.



Ray Winston.  Tom Hardy.  Colin Firth. Jason Robards. James Stewart. Humphrey Bogart and James Cagney.



Press-ups and swimming while on holiday abroad in the current bun.  Spain or Greece.


Favourite day out

Remembrance Day Sunday and going to our local Cenotaph.  My mates and I all meet up smartly dressed with shoes polished.  We don’t sing hymns or listen to speeches.  We simply stand in silence for two minutes and remember.  Then we go on a pub crawl and talk about the ones we remember.  Eventually we get drunk and forget.  Wear your poppy with pride.


Biggest regret

None, never look back.

Hopes for the future

To be accepted as an author.  Loads more holidays with my family.  Loads more beers with my mates.  To back a few more winners, and to die before any of my children and Grandchildren.  What more can a man ask.  Oh, but I’m not too hopeful, to see England win the world cup again.