Firstly, a small apology for the price of the book which at £12.99 may seem a little expensive for a new author’s debut novel but there are two reasons for that.


The book is 601 pages long and is printed and spaced in a larger font so as to ease its understanding not only for people who like myself suffer with reading difficulties caused by Dyslexia and word blindness but also older people who may wear spectacles.  This of course makes the novel slightly larger and heavier bringing extra printing and delivery costs but we assure you that the ease of its reading accompanied with the flow of this riveting story will not disappoint.  Amazon’s charge for printing, packaging and postal of the book is a fair price but at nearly £11 you can see there is not much left to cover personal costs incurred but even out of this amount of £1.99 a percentage will be donated to worthy causes close to my heart i.e. Marie Curie and the Yorkshire Dyslexia society.